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Tax Executive Search Process For Clients

For over thirty years, Kat “Kitty” Jennings and her tax executive recruiting team have conducted hundreds of retained tax executive searches for multinational corporations, public accounting, and law firms. The process of a retained tax search involves a highly trained tax recruiting expert researching the market, and privately approaching tax executives about a new tax role. The benefit of hiring a retained tax recruiter is your ability to expand your candidate pool to include tax professionals you otherwise would not have access to on a tax executive search.

Steps In The Retained Tax Executive Search Process
1. CFO/ VP Tax/CHRO Contacts ET Search LLC About A Tax Executive Search
2. Discussion of Tax Executive Responsibilities And Clients’ Specific Needs
3. Company Retains Tax Search Expert, Pays Retainer To Start Search
4. Recruiter Writes Up Job Description For Client Based On Needs For Company
5. Written Job Description First Draft Presented, Edited By Client And Approved
6. Recruiter Writes Up Marketing Plan To Conduct Thorough Tax Executive Search
7. Recruiter Contacts Tax Executives Not Actively Looking For New Opportunities
8. Recruiter Provides Privacy Wall For Tax Executives Being Considered
9. Recruiter Searches For Tax Executives Locally, Regionally, Nationally, Globally
10. Recruiter Interviews Prospects, Discovering Professional And Personal Goals
11. Recruiter Interviews And Qualifies Multiple Candidates To Present To Client
12. Recruiter Presents 8-10 Qualified Tax Executives, Determine 3-5 Most Qualified
13. Recruiter Provides Details On Tax Executive Candidates Strengths For This Role
14. Recruiter Arranges 1st Interviews With Selected Tax Executive Candidates
15. Recruiter Provides Candidate Feedback, Level Of Interest In Tax Executive Role
16. Recruiter Requests References On Tax Executives To Clarify Soft Skills And Fit
17. Recruiter Private Background Inquiries To Determine Industry Peers Perception
18. Recruiter Arranges 2nd Interviews With Candidates And Company Executives
19. Recruiter Provides Progress Report On All Candidates Being Considered Retained
20. Recruiter Provides Compensation Information, Market Analysis Study For Client
21. Recruiter Provides Feedback On Tax Executive Candidates Interest Level
22. Recruiter Collects Detailed Comp Data On Top Tax Executive Candidates
23. Recruiter Conducts Degree And Certification Background Checks
24. Recruiter Sets 3rd Interviews With Tax Executive Candidate(s) Being Considered
25. Candidate References, Three Levels Regarding Overall Fit With Client
26. Recruiter Carefully Monitoring Interest Level of Top Candidates, Reports To Client
27. Recruiter Negotiates Offer To Tax Executive Candidate, To Ensure It Is Accepted
28. Recruiter Involved In Extending The Offer To Tax Executive To Ensure Acceptance
29. Recruiter Stays In Contact With Candidate From Resignation To Start Date
30. Recruiter Educates Tax Executive How To Resign From Employer
31. Recruiter Follows Up Candidate/Clients In Transition To New Tax Role
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A Performance Retainer Agreement

We work with our clients under a Performance Retainer Agreement. This type of Agreement enables companies to utilize their in-house human resources team while at the same time using resources of an industry tax recruiting expert to source top tax talent. Our clients have the benefit of comparing their resources to our tax executive candidates who would never submit their resume through a company  portal due to their demands for utmost privacy. The candidates we research, interview and introduce to clients are generally inaccessible to our clients due to their privacy requirements. The tax executive candidates we present to our clients are gainfully employed, and not out actively looking at new tax opportunities.

What we offer are underground tax executive candidates that are hidden from the public. Our clients have access to a population of tax executive candidates who will privately consider an opportunity when introduced by a tax recruiter they trust. Kat “Kitty” Jennings has spent years building relationships and trust throughout the worldwide tax community. A retained tax search by ET Search LLC offers a higher level of privacy for tax executives throughout the search process.

Our Search Fees Are Paid By Clients Who Retain Us

An ET Search LLC Performance Retainer Agreement ensures the company has an expert retained tax recruiter working daily for the benefit of the client. Our time belongs to the clients who retain us. We enter into an agreement which we are paid a partial fee upfront which is 1/3 of the estimated fee(fees charged at 25% of first years’ total compensation, excluding stock) and the remaining fee only when  we find the best tax executive candidate, an offer is extended, accepted and signed, and the tax executive starts with client. If the client hires a tax executive candidate they found on their own, the client is not obligated to pay the final completion fee to ET Search LLC.  If ET Search LLC identifies the best candidate who is hired by the company, the remaining 2/3 of the search fee is due. ET Search LLC also provides a one-year guarantee on every retained search.

This type of agreement ensures ET Search LLC and the client are working together to find the best overall tax executive for the company. This arrangement also ensures the executive search firm is paid at least a partial fee for its professional services to conduct a search for the client. ET Search LLC Consultants are highly motivated to provide extraordinary results for our clients by identifying and introducing the very best executives in the tax profession.

Client List, Partial
Apple Computer
AC Neilson
Agilent Technologies
American Express
American Media
Baker & McKenzie
Barclays Bank
Carl Zeiss Vision
Commercial Metals
Constellation Energy
Del Monte
Deloitte Touche
DLA Piper
E&J Gallo Winery
Electronic Arts
Ernst & Young
Fox Entertainment
Fremont Investments
General Electric
General Motors
Hewlett Packard
Jones Lang LaSalle
Kimco Realty
KLA Corporation
Koch Industries
Levi Strauss
Liberty Mutual
Lucas Film
Newell Rubbermaid
Pacific Gas & Electric
Sempra Energy
Trimble Navigation
Wells Fargo
Western Digital

Tax Executive Roles Filled, Partial List Of Titles

Domestic Tax Searches CompletedInternational Tax Searches Completed
Chief Tax OfficerWorldwide Head Of Tax
Head of Tax And TreasuryHead of Global Taxes
Senior Vice President of TaxAsia - Pacific Tax Counsel - Singapore
Vice President of TaxAsia - Pacific Tax Director - Singapore
General Tax CounselAsia - Pacific Tax Manager - Singapore
Senior Tax CounselChina - Head of Tax
Tax Counsel -TransactionsChina Tax Counsel - Shanghai
Tax CounselChina -Tax Director
Deputy Tax DirectorChina Tax Manager - Beijing
Tax PartnerChina Tax Manager - Shanghai
Tax PrincipalTax Director - Asia Pacific
Tax Director- M&ATax Director - Switzerland
Tax Director - AuditEMEA Tax Director - Geneva
Tax Director - DomesticEMEA Tax Manager - Geneva
Tax Director - FederalTax Counsel - Switzerland
Tax Director - InternationalTax Manager - Australia
Tax Director - M&ATax Manager - Bangalore
Tax Director - Planning EMEATax Manager - France
Tax Director - PropertyTax Manager - Germany
Tax Director - ProvisionTax Manager - Hong Kong
Tax Director - ReportingTax Manager - Ireland
Tax Director - State & LocalTax Manager – Italy
Tax Director - Sales & UseTax Manager - Mexico
Tax Director - TechnologyTax Manager - Netherlands
Tax Manager - AuditTax Manager - Switzerland
Tax Manager - InternationalTax Manager - Japan
Tax Manager - DomesticTax Officer - United Kingdom
Tax Manager - FederalGlobal Customs and Trade Planning Manager - Japan
Tax Manager - ReportingSenior European Customs Manager - Belgium
Tax Manager - State & LocalTax Associate
Tax Manager - PropertyAssociate
Tax Manager - Sales & Use
Tax Manager - Technology