ET Search LLC conducts research to identify products and services that serve the best interests of multinational corporations, public accounting, and law firms as they conduct business. We encourage you to discover resources intended to help you save money and time while operating your businesses. As the CEO of, I am happy to give my recommendation to these organizations as the professionals running them have exhibited the highest level of professional integrity. These are people and organizations you can trust!

AKORE Federal Excise Tax Software: Only IRS approved software for e-filing Form 720, Plus 6627,6197, 7208, Superfund + Schedule C; Form 8849, Claim For Refund, Excise Tax All Schedules; Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax

MitModular: An extraordinary company building affordable, energy efficient units to live in, use for company storage, use as a business office to add to your home, use as preppers bunker, and much more. Entertainment and media companies also use to store production sets with placement in Opportunity Zones resulting in hundreds of millions in tax savings.

View these affordable models to live in.

Monika Miles Consulting Group: Established sales and use tax team advising corporate clients on State, Local, Sales And Use issues in all fifty states.

Source Advisors: Trust, integrity, and hard work are core values that have driven our success and created partnerships with many of the nation’s most prominent accounting firms, associations, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Thompson Tax: Whether you are expanding into new markets and are unfamiliar with multistate sales and use tax laws, you received a letter outlining an audit, or you are unsure of whether you need to pay sales and use tax, they provide you with solutions that will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your business

Vine Investment Partners: Functions as a federal tax credit investment management firm with expertise in originating and overseeing tax credit funds. Our investor base is diverse and sophisticated, ranging from investment grade investors to Fortune 15 companies and community banks and insurance companies.