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Kat Jennings (Kitty), CEO of ET Search LLC has established a longstanding reputation for high quality tax executive search services supporting multinational corporations, public accounting firms and law firms. What distinguishes our tax executive search firm from other search firms is the importance we place on representing our clients’ tax organizations long after a search has been completed. We serve our clients as a valuable public relations tool for the companies who hire us to staff their tax organizations. Companies who develop a synergistic relationship with an experienced tax executive search expert benefit from an effect that is greater than the sum of our separate efforts in building a tax organization’s reputation.

Our search team is comprised of our CEO, Kat Jennings, a research team, and a technical team that works together seven days a week to serve our clients. The nature of our tax executive search practice requires us to be available to speak with clients and tax candidates every day.

With over thirty years’ experience conducting tax searches, we understand the value of building a synergistic relationship with our clients to advance a tax organizations brand building and company leadership. Management’s view of their tax organization is what attracts extraordinarily talented tax executives or repels them from taking an offer with a company. The first question we are asked on a Head of Tax executive search is “What is the reporting relationship? Who does the lead tax executive report to in the organization? We have spoken to thousands of lead tax executives declining to interview for the lead tax role if it does not report to the CFO. The reason they tell us is all the same, “ They need to know what is happening with the business so they can be a good partner to management”. What we have discovered is the close business relationship between the CFO and the Head of Tax (HOT) is instrumental in retaining revenue that would otherwise be lost to tax authorities forever. A reporting relationship between a CFO and the Head of Tax sets the tone for how the tax organization is viewed. Your company organizational structure will determine the talent pool willing to consider opportunities with your company.

We understand some organizations will be set up under a different structure; we simply want to keep you informed what really happens behind the scenes. When you are working through the company HR resource, tax executive candidates will not share this information with the company but will share their private thoughts with their recruiter.

Another benefit of retaining an expert tax recruiter is the ability to discover information that determines the likelihood of an offer being extended and accepted. We excel in our abilities to save valuable time spent in the search process, and the time of your entire management team involved in the interview process. Excellence in the tax executive search process is when careful and honest communication and understanding between the companies hiring and the tax candidates being considered are managed by an experienced tax executive search expert.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you in the staffing of your tax organization, as we spread the good word about your company throughout the tax and business community. Please register on the form and we will get back to you within the hour, or day if after hours. You can also call our direct line at 858.232.4415.